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Co-makers.com - Welcome
Co-makers operates under the belief that every company should concentrate on those activities it is good at. This is why we aim to match the right "maker" with the right "buyer". Co-makers brings these companies together, based on a good insight into what each of the "makers" can offer. The company profiles are submitted to an audit for verification and are then recorded with the aid of the Profiler.

Moreover, the specifications given of the work that the "buyers" are interested in subcontracting, along with the additional wishes and demands, are recorded using the Specificator. Not just product characteristics, but also necessary processing and materials as well as drawings, are bundled together in the request which is put out via the Co-makers network. A selection of the current requests by subcontractors can be found under Classifieds.

Co-makers is an initiative that was born out of the industry, coupling the right partners is our core business. Furthermore, Co-makers offers a number of additional services such as the News Feature. This feature helps to keep you up to date with all the latest news from the industry, for example through the newsletter "Co-makers.com update". Moreover, it provides you with information about the Co-makers Network, 'Alliances & Partners.


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