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Co-makers.com - Welcome

Co-makers International works for a diverse range of companies in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Slovakia, Romania and China. However, these companies all have a number of characteristics in common. Co-makers customers are:

  • professionally involved in subcontracting and outsourcing.
  • serious about building long-term relationships in their industrial supply chains.
  • honest and careful in their dealings with business relations.

We know this because we know our customers and they all subscribe to the Co-makers Code of Conduct Click here to view the Co-makers Code of Conduct (pdf).

Co-makers provides services to buyers and subcontractors which have an active role in the industrial value chain. These companies may be active in one of the following roles:

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or Original Design Manufacturer (ODM).
  • First Tier (1st tier) or System Supplier.
  • Second Tier (2nd tier) or Process Supplier.

Co-makers works primarily for companies in the discrete products or manufacturing industry and specialises in the customised outsourcing and subcontracting of products and services. Catalogue items and base materials can of course be found directly by companies themselves via the internet. Customer-specific parts, however, require a thorough knowledge of the market. Co-makers has extensive knowledge of and experience with the:

  • Metals and electronics industry;
  • Plastics and rubber processing industry;
  • Industrial service providers such as design and engineering firms;


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