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Competitive chains
Co-makers International helps companies to increase the competitiveness of the chain that they are a part of. By sourcing partners in low-cost regions, the chain of Western European buyers and subcontractors becomes fundamentally stronger. The ‘Global Sourcing Triangle’ forms the starting point in this regard. This combines the best of both worlds:

  • The buyer continues to purchase from a local subcontractor and its administrative burden remains the same;
  • This Western European subcontractor continues to carry out the development work as well as the activities with high added value and intensive communication;
  • Other tasks are outsourced by the Western European subcontractor to one or more permanent and strategic partners in Central and Eastern Europe or China.

Integral analysis
In order to be able to carefully evaluate the options for the customer, Co-makers has developed a method whereby a full analysis of the ‘outsourcing’ issue is carried out. In this analysis, Co-makers takes the following steps:

  • Research into the direct relationship with the business strategy
  • Identification of the consequences for the organisation and communication
  • Establishment of the technical process and the logistics flow
  • Definition of process management & improvement.

Detailed specifications
The detailed specifications of the outsourcing issue are central to the preparation for the ‘partner search’. Particular attention is paid in this regard to:

  • Functional specifications and/or drawings
  • The activities or process steps to be outsourced
  • The profile of the possible subcontractor
  • Critical product aspects and/or manufacturing instructions
  • Logistics process

  • Click here for the Global Sourcing Questionnaire (only accessible to registered users)


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