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Welcome to Meet&Match by Co-Makers International. The matchmakers in the production industry. In addition to our regular matchmaking activities, Co-makers.com organises a number of "matchmaking" or "brokerage" events according to our highly developed "Meet &Match" formula and in cooperation with a number of leading exhibitions in the industry in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. These meetings are primarily aimed towards bringing suppliers and subcontractors in contact with eachother.

The "Meet&Match formula is designed to make a better estimate of the chance of a successful match between participants in the matchmaking events using short company profiles. This allows for a higher quality of meetings and conversations. Moreover, these short company profiles are reused so that you need only submit your company profile once and can thereafter register for different matchmaking events with just one push of a button.On this website you can view information about Events that are organised by or with Co-Makers International.
You can also signup for an event and make appointments with other companies who also are coming to these events.


No events have been planned at this time


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