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Co-makers.com - Welcome

Strengthening core competences
Co-makers International helps subcontractors to improve their competitive position by strengthening their core business. As a starting point, a detailed insight must be obtained into the position of the subcontractor in the ‘supply chain’.

Generating new contacts
Based upon a detailed, audited company profile, Co-makers creates possibilities for subcontractors to come into contact with seriously interested potential customers and promising partners. Co-makers has developed a number of coherent contact opportunities:
  • Matchmaking Requests (concrete leads for subcontractors)
  • Invite-a-Buyer (approaching selected buyers)
  • Meet&Match Events (forum for pre-arranged meetings)
  • Network meetings (informal contacts)
Members only
The services and activities of Co-makers are only open to a select group of specialist subcontractors. Exclusivity is guaranteed by only granting membership to a maximum number of similar experts. These subcontractors are found throughout the market in the various chain positions in disciplines within the metal, electronics and plastics processing industry, as well as industrial service providers such as design and engineering firms.


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